About Radio Core

Radiocore.org had it's beginning back in 2008 as the new phenomenon of Internet radio was slowly seeping into our society and public awareness, steadily replacing the mindless repetition of FM radio. It has had many ups and downs but is now a strong and growing collective of talented DJs from all across the globe. Radiocore.org specializes in obscure and rare vinyl spanning all genres. We are internet radio devoted to broadcasting an all vinyl odyssey through the back alleys, garage scenes, and underground musical cultures from the 1950s to current musical madness. We have everything from punk to funk, hillbilly to garage, and anything in between. It's the best music you've never heard. Vinyl gems lost to the junk bins of history. Our collective seeks out these forgotten and lost treasures and proudly present them to you. Our goal is to share our love of vinyl, vinyl digging, and wild primitive lost artifacts of an under appreciated time in Musical history.

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